With several Shred Days coming up, it's a good time ask this question: what should you keep, and what should you shred?

Here's some helpful advice from Washington Trust Bank.


Bring up to three, legal- sized file boxes containing:

  • Tax documents that are at least three years old
  • Bank statements that are older than one year
  • Preapproval offers for credit cards
  • Bills
  • Junk mail
  • Canceled or voided checks
  • Anything else containing personal information like your bank account number or social security number

Here's a good reminder on how long you should keep important documents:

  • Seven years: Keep state and federal tax records and receipts for seven years, saving a copy of your 1040 tax return forever.
  • Six years: Keep documents showing home sale, purchase, or expenses for improvements for six years after you sell your home.
  • Three years: Retain those thank-you letters from charities, and also year-end investment statements, in the event you are audited by the IRS.
  • One year or less: Pay stubs and bank statements; annually updated Social Security statements; annual insurance policy statements; annual retirement plan statements (401(k), 529, IRA, etc.); bank deposit and ATM receipts until reconciled with your monthly statements; credit card bills and statements (longer if needed as proof of a charitable contribution or product warranty); and utility bills.

Shred Day is one of our most popular events and certainly one of the most frequently asked questions we get: "When is Shred Day?" So we've partnered up with Washington Trust Bank and DeVries Business Services to offer you EIGHT shred days during the month of October.


October 1st: Post Falls Branch located at 1601 Seltice Way from 6am - 10am

October 4th: Indiana Branch located at 27 E. Indiana Ave. from 6am - 10am

October 8th: Sandpoint Branch located at 509 N. Fifth Ave. Suite E from 6am - 10am

October 16th: Northgate Branch located at 7815 N. Division St. from 6am - 10am 

October 18th: DeVries Business Services - 601 E Pacific Ave. from 6a - 10am

October 22nd: Valley Financial Center located at 310 N. Argonne Rd. from 6am - 10am

October 25th: Lincoln Heights located at 2415 E. 29th Ave. from 6am - 10am

October 31st: Sullivan Branch located at 407 N. Sullivan Rd. from 6am - 10am