Swapp-Brake Pedal

…And the bartender says, “This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!”

At first glance, a brake pedal, a prescription drug, and a nail gun don’t have a lot in common, despite hanging out together in the joke. But there’s one key that ties them all together—a defect in any of these items can lead to an accident. We sometimes forget that everyday products can injure us, and we’re not aware of how to proceed when it suddenly happens. 

Manufacturing defects can be extremely dangerous for this reason, a bigger problem is accepting what happened without seeking legal aid. Paying out of your own pockets because of someone else’s mistakes isn’t fair, so it’s important to know your rights, especially if you want to be compensated. 

If you’ve been severely injured by a manufacturing defect, you may have grounds for a product liability claim. If you have any questions about your claim, the experienced lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can help. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about these accidents. 

Different Defects, One Cause

Product defects take place when someone is negligent or lacks caution in the chain of distribution. 

Manufacturers are not always aware that they’re selling a defective product, but this doesn’t make them innocent and not liable for damages caused. Sellers and manufacturers are responsible for damages when a defect takes place, as they have the responsibility to make sure that customers can use their products safely. 

Common defects usually belong to one of these three main categories. 

  • Defective Design – A product contains a defect in its design that makes it possible for severe harm or injuries to happen. It can also mean that manufacturers failed to notice or report issues during the testing process. 

  • Manufacturing Defect – These defects occur during the manufacturing of a product. If a product is missing certain safety features, for example, it may be especially dangerous in ways you don’t know about. 

  • Marketing Defect – If you bought a product that injured you because you weren’t warned about the risks involved with the product, you may have grounds to file a product liability claim. 

No matter how many different causes of defects we analyze, there’s only one cause behind all of them—negligence. Craig Swapp & Associates can help you seek justice, no matter what type of defect injured you. 

Not So Funny When You’re Hurt

While a joke can lighten a mood, the joke isn’t so funny when you realize how badly you’ve been hurt. Manufacturing defects can even cause a fatality in the worst scenarios. When something like this happens, and you’re using the product as you should, it can be devastating. 

Brake pedal defects can lead to car accidents, which can cause life-changing disabilities, not to mention the financial impact. A defective prescription drug can lead to internal bleeding and life-threatening illness. Defective nail guns can misfire and cause wounds, infections, and emotional trauma. 

If you’ve suffered any of these jokes, you may feel like you’re on the wrong end of a bad punchline. You may need a lawyer to help you recover when you’re suffering. 

Taking Your Injuries Seriously

A product liability claim requires you to gather the evidence necessary to prove that your accident caused harm and was the direct result of the defendant’s negligence. This can be a difficult process for an injury victim without the right tools for recovery. 

If an agreement can’t be reached, you’ll have to take your claim to court. That’s why you should reach out to an experienced attorney who’s ready to represent you in court and help you receive a good settlement. Qualified lawyers are ready to represent your interests in court and take a stand on your behalf. 

Hurt? Here Are Your Next Steps

If you’ve been the victim of a manufacturing defect, reach out for help filing a product liability claim before evidence is lost or time runs out. Your lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates has the tools you need to get help after a product causes severe injuries. 

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