The man behind the mask; the life of a mascot

You can't talk about Drive for the Title without talking about the mascots.  

Eight NCAA teams are in Spokane right now, among them, the Cal Golden Bears, St. Joseph's Hawks, Cincinnati Bearcats, Maryland Terrapins (that's a type of turtle in case you're wondering), Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, Holy Cross calls it's Crusader  "Iggy," we all know the Oregon Ducks,  and South Dakota has the Jackrabbits.

Jack Rabbit doesn't have much to say, so we had the cheerleaders interpret for him.

"One of our sayings is ears up, so he likes to do that a lot," SDSU cheerleader Brianna Vig explained.

It's more than just ear twirls though. The team tells us mascots stunt with the cheerleaders at their games. Since NCAA mascots can't talk, we got one Bullpup to show us the man behind the magic.

Peter Colvin will be watching Jack Rabbit do his tricks tomorrow. Right now he's a Gonzaga Prep junior, but on game days he transforms into "Spike."

"It's not an alter-ego because I still am who I am, but it allows me to be more open and free," Colvin says.

He's still figuring out his tricks and cheers while he's playing Spike, but as a human, Colvin is wise beyond his years.

"When you support other people, they in turn support you back," he said.

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