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Throughout Avista’s 131 year history, we’ve had the honor of partnering with organizations large and small across our service territory to collectively strengthen and enhance the vitality of our communities.

Over time, our communities have achieved incredible outcomes and also faced challenges and setbacks, and we’ve always been with you. And, we’re with you now, during this unprecedented and uncertain time related to the impact of COVID-19.

At Avista, our doors may be closed to the public, but we’re still here, fulfilling our commitments and serving our customers.

We appreciate our partners and the important role you continue to play in serving our communities, now more than ever. As we’re responding to the evolving situation with some shifts in the way we approach our work, we want you to know that we remain committed to you and we stand with you. We will honor our commitments to our partners for sponsorships, donation pledges and event support, even for those events that have been cancelled.

We know the impacts of this situation will be felt by many, and we recognize the need to maintain support for and strengthen the resources that will be relied on to serve our neighbors in need and support our regional economy.

We have encouraged our employees to consider how they can still be invested in the community and to continue support for charitable giving as the non-profit sector provides an important safety net for our community’s most vulnerable. The Avista Foundation’s two matching gifts programs are still available to match employee giving and volunteer time with dollars, up to a total of $400 per employee between the two programs.

Additionally, to help alleviate some of the burden this crisis may have on our neighbors, Avista Foundation has committed, along with other philanthropic organizations across the region, to the COVID-19 Eastern Washington Community Response Fund hosted by Innovia Foundation, which will provide support for those who may be impacted. We continue to work with our communities across our service area to identify ways to support beyond eastern Washington.

We know we’re an integral part of the communities we serve and are honored to be able to continue building collaborative support.

More information about Avista’s COVID-19 response and support for our customers and communities can be found at www.myavista.com/covid-19.

Avista is proud to be your partner.