The Bulldogs contribute big bucks in addition to basketball to Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash- Gonzaga University is so much more than basketball, the bulldogs contribute so much to the city of Spokane in addition to an incredible team.  

Chances are your bracket is probably busted, what’s not busted Gonzaga’s contribution to Spokane. 

We can track this contribution in cold hard cash, there are close to about 7,500 students that call Gonzaga University home during their academic tenure. 

All of those students help contribute to a booming Spokane’s economy.

Gonzaga University says they did an internal economic impact analysis on the student contribution to Spokane. The numbers show that the bulldogs make Spokane quite the dog park.

It estimates on annual direct spending from the Gonzaga community and campus visitors shows contributions of nearly $350 million annually to Spokane county.

The total economic impact of Gonzaga in Spokane is estimated at $600 million in income supporting over 6,000 jobs.  

Back in 2018, Gonzaga’s share of the Spokane economy was between 2.5 and 3 percent of the total income and jobs. 

The McCarthy athletic center can house close to 6,000 people, unfortunately, this year all of those seats had to go empty but the footprint of all of those fans can be felt across Spokane.