SPOKANE, Wash. -  A local marijuana grower is asking for the public's help. On May 6, two men seen in security video broke into an indoor marijuana grow operation.

Logan Hall is a budding entrepreneur and cannabis connoisseur. He started the Panoptic Cannabis Company two years ago and runs a small operation in Spokane.

"This year has been very pivotal for us. We've established ourselves with some very quality retail stores throughout Washington state," said Hall.

But on May 6th just after 11 p.m., two men seen on a security video pried their way into the secure grow operation by going over barbed wire fencing and opening the back door with a crowbar, but not before trying to chisel their way into the shop.

They ended up stealing over $30,000 worth of marijuana.

Hall estimates it was about 27 pounds of pot.

"It's going to be months for us to get back you know up to par and like really have the inventory to supply these retail stores," said Hall.

In one of the videos, you can see a white car pull up to the grow.

Then once inside, you can see the two men run into the shop wearing hoodies, backpacks, along with headlamps.

One man appears to have a cell phone strapped to the side of his head pulling down plants that were drying.

Another suspect is seen with bags full of bud ready to be packaged and delivered.

Logan says this isn't the first time these two have targeted a grow operation in the area.

Just one month before, another grow operation down the road, who wishes to remain anonymous, was ransacked very similarly to what happened to Logan's shop.

That break-in was also caught on camera.

"You guys have gone around and hit up a couple of locations, and these locations want to stay anonymous, but you guys slipped up," Hall added.

Logan has a message for the two thieves.

"For you guys to pull this type of stuff is completely low life," he said. "You know if you can't go out there and work on your own two cents or on your own two feet and get something done you're just worthless in my opinion."

If you have any information about these two break-ins, you're asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

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