The schools are empty, the playgrounds are closed and movie theaters are taking a break. Social distancing is in full effect. 

But there's a new club your kids can join! It's fun, educational and it can be done in the comfort of your own home! 

It's the School Closure Lego Masters Junior Research and Development Club! 

The SCLMJRADC is part of the Spokane Public Schools' summer STEM and Art Camp, but since kids are stuck at home right now, they can join the club on Facebook and start completing LEGO building events that are a fun, educational, and challenging for children. 

"I've put out five challenges that they can participate in. I have a theme. I have different things that they need. Things they might have to write, draw and engineering and design that they have to show me," Lisa White, the creator of the group and and Director of After School Programs and STEM Summer Camps for Spokane Public Schools said on Friday. "Basically they can upload a photo or video of their creation (to the page) and what I'm getting is these incredible videos from kids telling me about their thinking."

The idea began as sort of a focus group. White said creating these virtual challenges helps her get an idea of what kids are interested in and it appears they are very interested in LEGO building! The group was created on Tuesday and by Friday already had more than 400 members, including kids from across the country and even the world participating!

"We believe that every hour counts," White said. "We're going to start expanding this and doing chess clubs and you know we might do some anime stuff and just different kinds of virtual clubs that kids can join so that they can keep doing things that they are really passionate about."

The group is open to children ages 4-15 and you can join it by clicking HERE. Not all children have access to LEGO blocks, but Lisa wants everyone to have the chance to participate, so if you think you might be able to help with a donation, you can reach Lisa by email at