Police lights

Whitman County Deputies in arrested a 35-year-old man early Saturday morning after they say he stabbed a woman multiple times near Pullman.

The Sheriff's Office says witnesses came upon the scene at around 2:20 am and saw a woman escape from a man's car, climb into the back of theirs and plead for help. Witnesses say the suspect, Jose Chagollan-Flores then intentionally rammed the witnesses car from behind at a high rate of speed. Deputies say Chagollan-Flores then pulled the woman from the car, threw her to the ground and stabbed her numerous times with a knife. 

The victim was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital and is expected to be okay. 

Chagollan-Flores was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence-related charges of Kidnapping and Felony Assault. 

The case is still under investigation.