UPDATE: December 7, 11:20am

Torrey Gambill, the man accused of raping a woman he met on Tinder, has been found not guilty on all charges.

“The main issue was evidence," a juror told KHQ's Peter Maxwell. "If they tested the weapon that was involved in both the rape and the assault allegedly it would have made a huge difference to us. A Forensic scientist testified to touch DNA even two skin cells found on that weapon would have proven at minimum that he hit her with it and prosecution chose not to test that weapon. Which showed us the jury a lack of faith in the prosecution for finding evidence on that weapon.”

UPDATE: The jury in the trial of Torrey Gambill has reached a verdict. 

KHQ's Peter Maxwell is in the courtroom and the verdict is expected to be announced shortly. 

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: It's now up to 12 jurors to decide whether Torrey Gambill is guilty or not guilty. The jury began deliberation Thursday evening and could not agree on a verdict. Jurors will continue deliberating in the courthouse tomorrow morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: The trial for Torrey Gambill continued Thursday, including a heated cross examination that opened up the door to mentioning Gambill’s previous convictions (including assault and harassment with threats to kill).

Gambill is accused of raping, assaulting and harassing a woman he met on Tinder, a popular dating app.

During cross examination, Gambill expressed he didn’t trust the police because of past experience. Specifically, Gambill talked about an incident when he came home to find his friend dead inside. Gambill said police seemed to make him a suspect, which made him wary of trusting law enforcement.

After he brought up the specific incident with police, the trial halted: the prosecuting attorney requested Gambill’s prior convictions be considered in this trial, which was previously focusing solely on the charges Gambill currently faces. The judge granted the request.

Gambill’s criminal history includes an incident in Spokane County. Back in 2006, a girlfriend accused him of strangling her so hard, she thought she could be killed.

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