Two women says their morning jog through the Five Mile area Monday morning turned into a run for their lives.

Melissa and Rhonda, who want to keep their last names private, said they go jogging everyday with their friends. But the two said Monday’s quick jog, ended up feeling like an eternity.

The women were jogging on Johannsen Rd. when a car pulled up beside them. They told KHQ the man driving shouted that he was "going to get them", called them obscene names and started chasing them down the street. The women told KHQ they took off in a sprint. 

Melissa said she ran into a snow-covered field next to the road, while Theresa ran across the street towards a house.  Both said they were running so fast and were so frightened that they fell.

Rhonda said she fell right in front of the dark SUV that was threatening to take her. Unsure what else to do, Melissa waved down a passing van, and begged the woman driving to let them in.

Rhonda said she jumped up, and got into the mini-van, before being able to get a good look at the man driving the SUV.

The mini-van driver said she first noticed the women looked frantic, and could see they had headlights strapped on their foreheads.  Melissa’s phone was lit, from calling 911, and that also caught the mini-van’s attention.

It was around 6:20 am, and the fog was so thick, it was impossible to see down the street without a light. When women jumped into the mini-van, the SUV drove off.

Melissa and Rhonda said they never run alone, and days like this are why.

KHQ's Stephanie Stevenson spoke with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, who said they are aware of the incident and are currently looking into it. We'll be sure to pass along any updates we receive. 

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