SPOKANE, Wash. - An angry group said they surrounded a father and his children when they tried to leave the Spokane Valley Walmart because of the car they were driving. Some people in the now viral video said it was a misunderstanding, but the family says their trauma from the incident is crystal clear.  

On Friday, deputies responded to a call from a man who said people were surrounding his car on Sprague and South Custer Road in Spokane Valley.

Deputies said the woman standing in front of the Green 1994 Camaro said it was her car that was stolen by a friend several years ago. Her car hasn't been seen since.

The situation escalated as a man jumped on the hood of the car to try to keep it from leaving. Deputies said a passing motorcyclist heard the woman yelling about the car and went over to help her.

A third man comes by on a bicycle and throws his bike at the car.

On Wednesday afternoon, deputies said they were preparing charges that are being send to the prosecutors. 

The woman is being charged with disorderly conduct, the man who jumped on the hood was arrested on a separate warrant and the first man in the video wearing a hood will also be charged.

A terrifying situation for one family driving in Spokane Valley after an angry group of people surrounded their car. 

As of Wednesday, the man on the motorcycle has not been charged and neither has the man who threw the bicycle. Deputies said the man who threw the bike has not been identified and will likely face charges.