Authorities are looking for the man who was seen in a video hitting a golf ball off Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park. 

Misty Morrow, who took the video, said she was on the east side of Logan Pass and as the wait to get up the road increased to about an hour, people began to get out of their cars. 

Some people were taking pictures of the park, but Morrow captured one man in a blue shirt hitting at least one golf ball over the cliff.

Morrow said she was shocked and as soon as she got to an area with cell phone service, she reported the incident to park law enforcement. 

Under Federal law, it is prohibited to destroy, injure, deface, or damage National Park property. Vandalism of National Parks is a Federal misdemeanor and is punishable by three to six months in jail and as much as a $500 fine. 

If you know anything about this incident, you can call Glacier National Park at (406) 888-7800.