A Kootenai County deputy helped with a marriage proposal on Valentine's Day and it was caught on his body camera. 

The deputy, pretending to be investigating a car prowling, went into a business in Riverstone in Coeur d'Alene where the unsuspecting bride-to-be, Sydni Kotschevar, was and told her he caught someone breaking into her car. 

The "suspect", Dustin Springer, told Deputy Doug that he knew the owner of the car. 

Once the deputy had Sydni outside, Dustin popped out of a patrol car with flowers. 

Sydni laughed and confirmed that it was indeed her boyfriend, Dustin. Dustin told her he was just trying to put flowers into her car when the deputy caught him and thought he was breaking in. 

Laughing a bit about the event, the deputy then told Dustin he needed to "get down on his knees." 

Looking a bit surprised, Dustin complied and got down on his knee... and pulled out a ring! 

Caught off guard by the surprise proposal, Sydni and Dustin embraced for a moment. 

"You gotta say 'yes' or 'no'!" the deputy is heard saying in the video. 

Eventually, after Dustin got back down on a knee and pulled the ring out again to see if it fit, and Sydni said "yes!" 

"I was worried Deputy Doug would open the door and she'd say 'I don't know who that is'", Dustin jokingly said. 

Dustin said he actually thought of the proposal idea just hours before he actually proposed  and got in touch with a deputy friend to make it happen. It almost didn't happen as the deputy was tied up in court on Friday and nearly couldn't make it. 

But in the end, it all went according to plan and Dustin said they plan on getting married sometime this year. 

Congrats to the happy couple!