Black Diamond

 SPOKANE, Wash - Despite the Governor's order not to, The Black Diamond in Spokane Valley opened up for dine-in business Tuesday night. Co-owner Brandon Fenton said he couldn't bear to see their employees struggle without any source of income any longer.

"We are at that brink, and don't want any government handouts, we just want to be able to open and do our business," said Fenton.

Like all businesses, the Black Diamond has been hit hard this year.

 Fenton said he is frustrated with Governor Jay Inslee and his restrictions to close bars and restaurants.

 Fenton said they've been listening to the guidance from the governor.

 "We shut down, we did our part as fellow Washingtonians to be safe, to flatten the curve," said Fenton.

 He says they tried offering take-out and set up a tent for outside dining, but it didn't come close to covering their bills.

So, Tuesday, after being closed for the second time mid-November they opened back up, and Fenton says the support has been overwhelming

"It's been great, people are showing up and it was the best night we had since Inslee first shut us down," said Fenton.

The restaurant put a statement out on Facebook saying in part: 

The Black Diamond is OPEN for Business. We are now open, Fully, from here on. We do this so that our employees, who are running out of unemployment, can make a living and survive. Our employees are suffering, just as so many others are. Some can't pay their bills. Phones have been shut off, car payments have been missed and rent has not been paid. Some will have to move back home with parents, would you want to do that Jay? Some can not buy Christmas presents for their children. They don't want charity. All they want is to work hard and live their lives.

We were asked to close indoor dining. We complied. We did our part as Washingtonians to help. We were asked to do this...

Posted by The Black Diamond on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Governor Inslee's guidance forbids in person dining, but it allows for takeout and outdoor dining with table sizes of 4 or less people.

Any restaurant not following this, could face a citation.

Fenton said that he willing to risk it. 

"If I have to do that so that they can have a good Christmas, a good New Year's, so they can be there to support their families, then that's what I'm going to do," said Fenton.

Fenton said that he just wants a choice.

"We are just asking that we get to make the decision for ourselves, to open up, to feed our families, and for our employees to survive," Fenton said.