Authorities in Yakima are investigating the death of a 31-year-old woman who was found near a wastewater treatment plant with her newborn baby in a tote bag last week. 

Shaya Leann Ball was found last week by city sewer plant workers in a remote area, several yards off of a walking path in a wooded area behind a log. The baby was found in the bag next to her with part of its umbilical cord still attached. 

An officer performed CPR and after the baby responded it was taken to a local hospital where we're told it is doing fine. Authorities estimate the baby was born just 14 to 18 hours before Ball's death. 

The Yakima County Coroner has not released a cause of death for Ball as a toxicology report is still pending. 

On a GoFundMe Page, a person identifying Ball as her sister said she was a "loving, caring, strong woman who always put her kids first."

"My sister, Shaya’s, body was found along with her new born baby who miraculously survived, the post reads. "Shaya saved her daughter’s life. She died a hero. As her family, we are asking for help financially for funeral expenses."