A dog meat festival is coming up in China and a rescue group in Florida is working hard to save the pups from slaughter. 

So far, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has already saved some 300 dogs from the festival through four trips to China. 

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins June 21st. 

"That is a 10-day event in their culture that is pure hell for the animals. They celebrate the summer solstice by eating dog meat," Debbie Hilton from Big Dog Rescue said. "They believe the more horrible the death, the more adrenaline released into the meat and better for them as the consumer. It is just dreadful."

The rescue group's goal is to bring dogs destined for the dinner plate back to the U.S. to find loving homes. However, between now and the 21st, they need to create space at the safe holding place in china that is already at its 150-dog capacity by flying them to the U.S. 

The group is looking to raise tens of thousands of dollars to make it happen. 

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