Georgia authorities have released video showing the moment an abandoned newborn baby was pulled from a plastic bag in the woods earlier this month.

The body-camera video shows the deputy ripping open the plastic bag and finding a crying baby girl with her umbilical cord still in tact.

He puts the baby on a blanket and tries to comfort her.

One of the first responders is heard saying, "She's a sweetheart" as the baby wraps her hand around his finger.

She was then taken to a hospital for treatment where she's in good condition.

The baby was found back on June 6th and investigators in Forsyth County say they still don't know who the baby's mother is.

They released the video hoping it will lead to credible information about the baby's identity and how she ended up in the woods.

Authorities say a family who lives near the woods had just come home from vacation and heard the crying. They weren't sure if it was an animal or a baby, so they checked it out and when they realized it was a baby, they called 911.

The hospital staff has unofficially named her "Baby India."

With all 50 states having some kind of "Safe Haven Law", there's absolutely no reason something like this needs to happen. 

Distressed parents in Washington can leave their newborn babies (up to 3 days old) at any fire station or emergency room, no questions asked. 

In Idaho, parents can give their babies (up to 30-days-old) to any licensed doctor, nurse, or health care worker at any hospital or emergency room. 

In Montana, parents can give up a baby to any hospital, fire department, police or sheriff's department or to another emergency services.