A brawl broke out at a Colorado youth baseball game after a 13-year-old umpire made a questionable call.

It happened last week during a 7-year-old youth game in Lakewood, Colorado.

Police say parents and coaches started throwing punches in a dispute over whether the young umpire made the right call.

Authorities say as many as 20 adults were involved in the brawl where several people got hurt including one person seriously.

Four people were cited with disorderly conduct and police are looking for more.

"When we got there at least 15 to 20 adults were fighting. This all stemmed from a 7-year-old youth baseball game. A debate over a baseball ruling," John Romero from the Lakewood Police Department said. "There are little kids involved. There are seven year old kids who are watching their coaches and their parents. People that they are suppose to look up to. People that they are suppose to learn from and this is what they are seeing."