For the first time ever, all fair-goers in Spokane County will be charged to park throughout the grounds.

The Spokane County Interstate Fair, being held this fall from Sep. 6-15, will have a flat rate of $5 per day for parking throughout the fairgrounds.

Parking is available on the grounds via the main gate and a south gate, and ADA parking is located at both gates. The fairgrounds are handicap accessible, and have more handicap spaces than code requires.

A spokesperson for the Interstate Fair says several years ago, parking at the fair was completely free.

For the last couple years, fair-goers could park in the main, paved lot near the entrance for a fee, while parking everywhere else was free.

In 2018, the gravel lot on the south side had a sponsor, allowing for free parking Monday-Friday during the fair.

This year, Fair Coordinator Jessica McLaughlin says there is no sponsor, so it will cost $5 to park everywhere.