SPOKANE, Wash. - As snowy and fierce as January began, the latest warm-up in temperatures has allowed some snow to melt, and some familiar foes to say hello: Potholes. 

If you've lived in Spokane for a while, you know that we're famous for our potholes and the recent freeze/thaw cycle has signaled the beginning of pothole season. Yeah, it sounds too early, but drive along most any road in Spokane and you'll quickly revert to that defensive driving mode. 

Fresh off a couple of full city plows, the City of Spokane is seizing the opportunity to of snow-free roads and warmer temperatures to patch up a couple of potholes. So far this month they've already filled about 200. In 2018, they filled just over 4600 potholes and last year managed to patch up just over 4400. 

The repairs they are making now aren't permanent solutions. They need to wait for the warm temperatures of Spring for those, but crews are out making a difference where they can and you are encouraged to report any nasty potholes you might come across in your travels by calling 311. 

After years of trying chip seals and crack seals, the City of Spokane teamed up with the county to try micro-surfacing last year, a brand new method to this region. A dark, wet asphalt was spread across Bernard in September, mixed with finely crushed rocks. A thin layer of asphalt is poured, and smoothed, over the street to fill in any cracks.