CASCADES, Wash. - The Washington State Department of Transportation shared their expectations for reopening dates for the mountain passes. If all goes well, here's when you can anticipate travel conditions to improve.

Snoqualmie: With our hero of tow plow fleet, Plowy McPlow Plow, on the job with a team of plows, blowers, and graders, Snoqualmie Pass should reopen late Sunday morning.

Blewett: Avalanche control efforts have been successful, and the Pass should reopen on Sunday. WSDOT will have a more precise estimation tomorrow morning.

White: While avalanches are no longer a concern, there remains significant debris in the form of boulders and fallen trees to clear. An excavator has been brought in, but it is unlikely to open before Monday.

Tumwater Canyon: While not a Pass, Tumwater greatly affects WSDOT crews' ability to open Stevens. So far, there have been 208 snow slides in the area--about 25 per mile-long stretch. It is likely to be until at least Tuesday before Tumwater is open.

Stevens: As with Tumwater, snow slides have affected the area significantly, creating walls as high as 35 feet in some places. Snow has also built up in rare locations, which may necessitate the need for a helicopter to conduct avalanche control. It is also highly unlikely to open before Tuesday.