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It was an absolutely gorgeous start to the weekend in Spokane! Saturday brought plenty of morning sunshine, but we will see cloud cover roll our way as we go through Saturday evening. 

That cloud cover will stay with us on Sunday, and Spokane should see a high around 55 degrees. There is the potential for light showers on Sunday, but most of those showers are expected to stay north of Spokane. We'll keep an eye on that rain potential through the day tomorrow. 

Monday and Tuesday should both be dry for the most part, but we are tracking a change in our weather pattern starting on Wednesday. That's when rain is expected to work its way back into our area. It will be rainy for most of the week beyond Wednesday, and it looks like we'll see some blustery winds as well. 

Next week's temperatures are expected to peak at about 60 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they will steadily drop back into the low 50's as we head into next weekend.