Watches and Warnings for 01/11/2019

We are seeing some rain/snow mix out there for your Saturday, with daytime highs sitting in the mid-30s. Impacts are looking to be fairly light today as we recover from Friday's storm. Many secondary roads are still not plowed, so please be careful if you need to leave your house today. Give yourself lots of extra time and stopping distance. Prepare for slick conditions. It's best to run those errands today though, because the next round of snow will move in early tomorrow morning.

Overnight, we'll see temperatures sit in the low-30s as the next system pushes through. This one is looking to be very similar to Friday's storm. As of right now, it's looking to dump several more inches in Spokane. The strongest impacts will be in the Idaho Panhandle, with up to a foot of snow possible in Sandpoint and over Lookout Pass. The snow will begin early in the morning and last through the day, with the heaviest snow looking to fall in the afternoon.

The difficult thing about Sunday's system is the temperatures. Right now, several models are predicting the mid-30s for a daytime high, which is slightly warm for snow to stick. However, if the snow falls heavily enough, it can cool down the air around it and bring our temperatures down. It could also just be heavy enough snow that it ends up sticking even if temperatures are a little warm. Be prepared for several inches to fall again on Sunday. 

We have several Winter Weather Advisories, Winter Storm Watches and Winter Storm Warnings in effect right now. We even have an Avalanche Warning in effect for portions of the Panhandle. Please postpone your plans for any type of mountain recreation in the Idaho Panhandle and western Montana as avalanche danger will be high this weekend. Click HERE for detailed information on each watch, advisory and warning in place for our region.

As we move into the work week, a few showers may linger in Monday morning, but Monday is looking to be one of the calmest days next week. We'll watch for the chance of snow to return Monday night and last all the way through the end of the week. These next systems will be much lighter than what we're seeing this weekend, snow accumulations will be light.

The other thing we need to pay close attention to next week is those temperatures. We will see daytime highs get down into the teens midweek, with overnight lows around 0 degrees. The coldest nights are looking to be Monday and Tuesday. Please bring your pets indoors and limit your time outside. You can get hypothermia in minutes when our temperatures get that cold. 

The forecast is rapidly changing as we track this active winter weather pattern. We will continue to update you as these systems develop and move into our region. Stay safe out there!