Noelle Lashley
There's a good bit of patchy fog in Spokane's forecast for the coming week.

Sunday night will be foggy and hazy, with overnight lows in the mid-20s. That fog is going to stick around into Monday morning, but the sun should come out in the afternoon.
Daytime highs for Veterans Day are expected to hit the mid-40s. Temperatures will fall to the upper 20s on Monday night. Expect daytime highs around that range for most of the week.
Tuesday will bring a 20 percent chance of rain to Spokane and daytime highs once again in the upper 40s. The air stagnation advisory we've been dealing with for days is set to expire on Tuesday at noon. However, the fog is expected to return late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
Wednesday night and Thursday morning will be mostly uneventful, but Thursday night will once again bring fog and a slight chance of rain to the Spokane area. A chance of rain will stick with us through Sunday, and more patchy fog is possible.