SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.- Roads across Washington state will be closed for hours into the next few days as a winter storm continues to rock the Pacific Northwest.

Winds are severely blowing across the state causing snow to pill up and cover roadways. This decrease in visibility and dangerous driving conditions are causing a lot of road closures.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation road closures in Washington include:

-I-90 from Ellensburg to Vantage

-Highway 2 through Stevens Pass near Wenatchee

-I-82 south of Pasco and into Oregon

- State Route 21 near Lind and Odessa

- SR 261 near Ritzville and Washtucna

-SR 24 near Othello

-SR 17 near Othello

All of these roadways and more will be closed over night and possibly indefinitely if the current wind conditions continue.

Authorities across the state have been sharing pictures from the roads and say it is extremely difficult for crews to get vehicles stuck in the snow pulled and even impossible in some places for crews to reach vehicles due to the weather.

Authorities ask people to please not drive if they don't have to, especially on closed or visually impaired roadways.

Here is a look at area traffic alerts you need to know about:


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