winthrop air cams

WINTHROP, Wash. - Winthrop is reporting the worst air quality in the country, according to the National Weather service. 

As wildfires rage in parts of the west, air quality continues to fluctuate and dip to unhealthy levels.

Early Thursday morning, Winthrop saw hazardous conditions. Hazardous air quality is considered an "emergency condition" and the entire population is likely to be experience negative health effects.

winthrop air conditions

Views from traffic cameras in the Winthrop area show extremely poor visibility. A thick fog of wildfire smoke covers the area. 

The Cedar Creek and Cub Creek 2 fires are burning upwards of 50,000 acres just north of the town.

Winthrop's air quality has slowly improved throughout the day, from "hazardous" back up to "very unhealthy," but NWS still says they have the worst air quality in the country.