We asked chefs around the Inland Northwest what is one thing you've got to try when it comes to eating local? Chef Jamie Aquino is an instructor and has been cooking since 15 when her mom forced her to take a cooking class! In this episode she takes us to her favorite place to eat crepes. 


Name:  Jamie Aquino


Restaurant/Business:  Private Chef and Cooking Instructor at the Kitchen Engine


Your kind of cooking is best described as: Vegan and Vegetarian


Where and how where you trained to cook?  My family.  


Favorite food when you were growing up?  Anything Asian especially Asian noodle dishes because you can do so much with them.  Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, ect


What was your biggest food fail? When I was 10 I made 8 batches of an untested pinwheel cookie recipe.  I used 36 cups of whole wheat flour.  They were disgusting.  My 4 younger siblings still resent me because they had to eat every last one of them.


What's always in your fridge and what do yo u use it for?  Tofu.  I use it for everything, from truffle pies to faux fish sticks.


If you could eat a meal with anyone, who would it be?  My father.  When I was younger I didn't understand his love for food and the deep appreciation for the person that prepared it.  I wish I could've cooked his favorite foods and shared one last dinner together.

IG: @Jamie Aquino Kusina

FB:  Aquino Kusina