We asked chefs around the Inland Northwest what is one thing you've got to try when it comes to eating local?  We started with Chef Travis Tveit of the Iron Goat who tells us his pick for the best meal he's had in Spokane. Chef Travis is also in a band and says being a chef is similar to performing on a stage. In this episode he takes us to his favorite place for dinner. 

Name: Chef Travis Tveit   

Restaurant/Business: Iron Goat Brewery

Your kind of cooking is best described as: I don't find my cooking unique I just use the talent of all my kitchen staff and I love food and cooking and being part of the culinary scene in Spokane.

Where and how where you trained to cook?  Oregon Culinary Institute

Favorite food when you were growing up? My Mom makes this beef stroganoff that is incredible.  She still makes it and I don't have the recipe.  Amazing!

What was your biggest food fail? I worked for wild sage on broil one night and this couple ordered a burger split, both cooked to different temperature, both different sides.  It got sent back and it was late and it sucked.

What's always in your fridge and what do you use it for?  Mexican hot sauce -  tapatio, cholula, avocado, fresh cilantro, lime.  I use it for stuff I make for myself after work.

If you could eat a meal with anyone, who would it be?  Anthony Bourdain

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